Custom Courseware

Elbury CustomCustom courseware. Instant results.
As our most popular service offering, Elbury Custom is our customised eLearning solution. Custom courseware maximises the freedom to be creative and to fully engage your learners. The design is tailored to draw out the learning from your source materials rather than simply present it on-screen. Elbury Custom can help engage your learners while demonstrating a strong return on investment (ROI).

What’s Custom Courseware?
A custom course is designed around your content, has a unique interface design and 75% interactivity. Custom courses are built in HTML/HTML5, JQuery and JavaScript and are SCORM compliant. This allows us to create unique and fully interactive courseware that’s ready to deploy to your Learning Management System.

From a learning design perspective, your source materials can be re-purposed to include an embedded narrative, realistic scenarios and mentor characters to support key messages. Complicated concepts can be developed into interactive imagery and text content can be presented to deliver the greatest impact on the learner.

From a development perspective, each screen is custom made to suit the content. Additional tools can be added such as engaging learning checks based upon corporate diagrams with rich feedback. Full video and audio services can be included and avatars developed for use in role playing scenarios.

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