Rapid Courseware

Omni RapidFast eLearning : CCS and Simulation Courseware.
Rapid courses are a structured solution for content that will present well in a template, such as induction and compliance courses and product training. Rapid courses are a more cost-effective solution because they are built in an off-the-shelf authoring tool that speeds up development and makes the courses easier to edit later. We offer a fast turnaround time so your learners are ready to learn quickly.

What’s CCS?
The Content Conversion Service (CCS) enables you to transform your training into interactive eLearning quicker than ever before. This is particularly convenient if your organisation already has training in the form of PowerPoint or paper-based manuals. This is a rapid service because we take your finalised and formatted content and build it as a SCORM-compliant course that’s ready to deploy to your Learning Management System. If you would like support with re-purposing or refining your existing training materials for online delivery, we can offer Instructional Design services by negotiation.

A CCS course is based on a standard template and has a set number of interactions and learning checks available. As a result, CCS is best suited to information pieces or long courses that must cover a lot of content. Building the courses in an authoring tool reduces development time for us and also produces a course that can be easily maintained and updated by us – or you, if preferred. We can also accommodate customisations such as the addition of video or avatar characters into the standard template by negotiation. Contact us now for more details.

What’s the Simulation Service?
One of the best ways to train people how to use your organisation’s new or updated software is visually. A software simulation guides your learners through a process using direct instructions and supporting feedback. A simulation can also test your learner’s ability to recall the process by having them attempt it as an unguided assessment.

Simulation courses use interactive screenshots of the software to replicate the environment rather than use your live environment. Elbury can visit your site or access your environment remotely to capture the required screens and then use our rapid methodology to quickly build the courses and deploy to you. We can capture and simulate any system, be it an off-the-shelf product or a platform that has been customised to meet your organisation’s requirements.

Simulation courses can be standalone offerings or part of an Instant course to support broader subject matter. Contact us now to learn more.